Frequently Asked Questions

What is robot-assisted implant surgery?

Yomi helps your dentist plan and place your implants with precision, so you get a more natural look and feel.

Are robotic procedures new?

Robot-assisted procedures have become the standard of care in medicine. In fact, this approach is used to help more than one million patients every year1. Yomi is the first and only robotic system for dental surgery in the U.S.

Does Yomi replace my dental surgeon?

Yomi doesn’t replace your doctor. Instead, it complements their surgical skills and expertise by providing precision guidance. Your dentist is always in control of his or her instrumentation.

What can I expect with robot-guided surgery?

If robot-assisted surgery is right for you, your dental team will use proprietary YomiPlan software to develop a personalized treatment plan. Once your procedure is underway, Yomi will use that plan to guide your doctor with real-time feedback they can feel, hear, and see – so you get optimal results.

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